Advanced Settings

Toggle desired settings for your workflows, including Sender Authentication capability, test mode email address and other settings depending on the e-commerce provider.

Sender Authentication

To make your sending engine invisible to your customers, you can set up unique DNS records for your domain. Otherwise, messages will show delivered by “”

To get started, you’ll need access to your DNS provider (i.e., Google Domains, Cloudflare, GoDaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)

Once you’re logged into your DNS provider, add the unique CNAME records that are created to your DNS.

How to authenticate with your domain

  1. Log in to your Cartmojo dashboard.

  2. Click Messaging -> Advanced -> Settings

  3. Toggle the “Sender Authentication” option On.

  4. For each hostname, create a new CNAME record with the values provided in your DNS.

  5. Validate your entries.

Please note, allow up to 48 hours for your new DNS changes to update.

Activate Sender Authentication Option

Example CNAME Entry (Google Domains)

Add the unique CNAME records that are created in your DNS.

Example CNAME Entry (Volusion DNS)

Add the unique CNAME records that are created in your DNS with the domain name added to the record. Also, you must add a period to the end of both the record and hostname values.

Volusion DNS Tips

  • When adding the custom entries, click Add New Record at the bottom of the page

  • Change the A record to CNAME

  • For all the Hostnames provided by Cartmojo, be sure to include it with your domain name. For example, “”

  • You must include periods at the end of both the host and data values.

Example Sender Authentication View When Successfully Configured

Once the CNAMEs are entered in your DNS, check back periodically and click Validate to see your entries have been verified.

Test Mode

When a workflow rule is set to Test Mode, all messages will be sent to this e-mail address.

Woo Hacks

If you have a WooCommerce store, you will have the ability to turn off all system-generated emails that can trigger from order updates. This can be useful when using Cartmojo’s workflows for email messaging vs. WooCommerce’s default emails. Toggle this setting to activate and start using Cartmojo instead.

This will not visually turn off anything in WooCommerce’s settings area. However, system-generated emails will no longer trigger.


Suppressions will display email addresses that have either opted out or bounced on delivery a Cartmojo workflow message.

Managing Suppressions

  • In the main suppression view, customers may be resubscribed by clicking the trash icon.

  • In the customer detail view, customers may be resubscribed by clicking the drop-down icon, then resubscribe.

  • Add customers manually to your suppression list by clicking the drop-down icon and choose to unsubscribe.

More Information

  • As a best practice, only resubscribe a customer if you’ve gotten explicit permission to add them back to your mailing list (or was unsubscribed in error).

  • Please note that sending messages to customers who don’t opt-in will hurt your sending reputation, or violate CAN-SPAM laws.

  • We reserve the right at all times to disable workflow messaging if your account reaches an unsatisfactory reputation state.

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