Customer Retention

Create automated messages to send on any time interval. Great for prompting reorders and reconnecting with your customers.

Why you should use it

Target customers who have bought consumables or products that have a limited shelf life. Fill up your sales funnel by creating messaging rules that reach customers at the perfect time.

Drive repeat business

Trigger emails that encourage customers to come back to your store and buy again. Customer retention workflows are perfect for subscription-based businesses or merchants who sell consumables. Create rules for any interval. We’ll then schedule the message to send in the future based upon the criteria you’ve set.

  • Create automated win-back emails – 30, 60, 90 days, etc.

  • If a customer purchases again, your workflow automatically restarts

  • Re-engage your best customers with incentives

How to get started

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click the Add New in the bottom left corner

  3. Select Add Message

  4. Select Automatic

  5. Select Marketing

  6. Choose Customer Retention

  7. In step one, toggle desired settings

  8. In step two, add the name, email and subject customers will see when the message arrives

  9. Select a starter template to use, or add content using the email editor

  10. In step three, confirm settings and activate

Dashboard overview

The overview dashboard will show all-time historical stats for the workflow, no matter if rules have been deleted.

  • Messages pending – count for pending e-mails that are scheduled to be sent

  • Messages sent – count for sent messages

  • Opens – number of times messages have been opened

  • Clicks – number of times messages have been clicked

  • Conversions – number of conversions resulting from this type of workflow

  • Revenue – total sales attributed to this type of workflow

  • Activity chart – weekly view of sent messages


  • Workflow name – the “friendly name” for your workflow, customers will not see this

  • Sending filter – send to all customers or only those who have opted in or registered in your store

  • Action – Has not purchased

  • Products – Identify any or all SKU’s that will trigger a rule

  • In The Last – time frame to trigger if a product isn’t purchased e.g. 30 days, 60 days, etc.


The logs area of this workflow will display log events between specific date ranges.

  • Pending – shows messages that validated based on rule criteria and are scheduled to be sent

  • Sent – shows information about messages that have been sent as a result of meeting rule criteria

  • Conversions – displays relevant conversions as a result of a workflow message triggering

  • Blocked - listing of email addresses that did not qualify for defined rule criteria.

More information

  • Messages will send when an order is completed or shipped.

  • If a product is purchased in a specified time frame, the rule will restart again.

  • It is not necessary to have an SKU present in the product filter a “blanket” rule can be created.

  • Rules are based on a customer’s email address. If a customer places orders anonymously or as a registered account the rule will validate accordingly.


  • All shopping carts are supported by this messaging workflow.

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