The variables page displays system and user-defined variables

System variables

System variables are those that can be used anywhere in the product content. For example, the product name and descriptions. These are standard for any product feed and several must be defined for the basic functionality of the Product Manager

  • Cost of goods sold (COGS) (required) - *|item_cogs|*

  • Code/SKU (required) - *|item_code|*

  • Description - *|item_description|*

  • Height - *|item_height|*

  • Length - *|item_length|*

  • Manufacturer - *|item_manufacturer|*

  • Name - *|item_name|*

  • Options - *|item_options|*

  • Quantity (required) - *|item_qty|*

  • Regular price - *|item_price|*

  • Sales price - *|item_sales_price|*

  • Short description - *|item_description_short|*

  • Stock status - *|item_stock_status|*

  • UPC - *|item_upc|*

  • Weight - *|item_weight|*

  • Width - *|item_width|*

User-defined variables

When setting up a 3rd party data feed, you may use any custom variable that has been set up in the product name and content. For example, suppose that in "supplier data feed A" has a color in the data mapping available for a particular SKU; you could dynamically add that into the content for the product.

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