On-Demand Messaging

Broadcast emails to specific customer segments or send messages directly to individual shoppers.

Why you should use it

Segment customers with simple or complex criteria and send emails to your customers that fit your marketing initiatives.

Segment customers and broadcast messages

Communicating with your clients has never been easier. Engage, market, and help customers within a few clicks using our simple, yet powerful email builder. Send messages on-demand or at a specific date and time. Best of all, you can broadcast emails to a particular customer segment or send messages directly to individual shoppers.

  • Send email messages at anytime

  • Target shoppers using customizable segments or broadcast communications to everyone

  • Create on-demand campaigns in just a few clicks

Dashboard overview

The overview dashboard will show all-time historical stats for On-Demand messages. This includes campaign data for the date range chosen.

  • Messages sent – count for sent messages

  • Opens – number of times messages have been opened

  • Clicks – number of times messages have been clicked

  • Sales Conversions – number of conversions resulting from messages sent

  • Revenue – total sales attributed to this type of workflow

  • Conversion Rate - conversion percentage based on the number of email messages sent and the number of sales realized.

  • Activity chart – overview of sent messages with the date range selected

How to get started

  1. Login to your account

  2. Click the Add New in the bottom left corner

  3. Select Add Message

  4. Choose Add On-Demand Message

  5. Give your On-Demand Message a name

  6. Choose a Segment to send to or send to All Subscribers

  7. Select when to send a message, either Now or Later using the date and time picker

  8. A real-time view of recipients will be populated to show who will receive the email message

  9. In step three of the wizard, edit the name, email and subject customers will see when the message arrives

  10. Choose a starter template to send, or add content using the email editor

  11. Confirm your settings in step 4 of the wizard

  12. Activate and send the message


  • Sent – On-Demand campaigns that have been sent

  • Scheduled - On-Demand campaigns that are scheduled to send out

  • Draft - On-Demand campaigns that have not been completed or sent


The logs area of this workflow will display log events between specific date ranges.

  • Sent – shows information about messages that have been sent as a result of a sent on-demand message campaign

  • Conversions - displays customer conversions as a result of an On-Demand campaign

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