Connect your 3dCart store with Cartmojo

Activating a 3dCart store with Cartmojo is a two-step process where the Cartmojo app needs to be registered app first, and then a snippet is required to be placed in the global footer of 3dCart. Follow these steps to make a connection.

Installation time < 5 minutes


Step 1 – Register Cartmojo as a 3dcart ‘Subscribed App’

  1. Login to your dashboard

  2. Click Add New on the bottom left

  3. Add a new store, choose 3dcart

  4. Give your store a name

  5. Enter the secure URL in Cartmojo as found in your 3dcart admin area – Settings > General > Store Settings > Secure URL

  6. Next, click the API Key & copy your key

  7. Log in to your 3dcart store

  8. Navigate to Modules > RestAPI > Change Settings

  9. Add a new Subscribed App (top right corner)

  10. Paste the API key you copied in step 5 & authorize access

  11. Re-save your store in the Cartmojo dashboard to generate the installation snippet

Step 2 – Place Cartmojo installation snippet in 3dcart template

  1. Go back to your dashboard, copy installation snippet for your 3dcart store

  2. Now proceed to your 3dcart store

  3. Navigate to Content > Header & Footer

  4. Paste the install snippet in the Global Footer

  5. Make sure Global Footer is set to active

  6. Save


A Cartmojo API key will be generated when a 3dcart store is added. This will be used to register the Cartmojo application as a “subscribed app” in your 3dcart administration area.

Example API Key


Installation Snippet

The Cartmojo installation snippet is used to capture shopping cart data in real-time. Apps and workflows depend on this code to be present at all times in order to work properly.

Example Snippet

<!-- BEGIN VEXTRAS CODE--> <script>function vextrasCustomRequest(){vextras.submitOrder("[invoicenum]");}</script><script src="https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/vextras/staging_scripts/store_X8VFWXBJBNYW5G4ZRD75RCPKT8.js"></script> <!-- END VEXTRAS CODE-->


When your 3dcart store is active, the ‘Connection’ tab for your store will show key indicators about the installation.

  • Status

  • Platform

  • Store Name

  • Secure URL – The secure URL can be found in your 3dcart admin area – Settings -> General -> Store Settings -> Secure URL.

  • API Key – Use this key when adding a new Subscribed App in your 3dcart admin area

  • Install Code Status

  • Install Script (required) – Paste the script into the Header area of your Bigcommerce template before the ending head tag.

  • Conversion Tracking (required) – Paste the installation code in the ‘Global Footer’ of your 3dcart admin area. It’s ok to have this code loaded with other types of conversion scripts.


  • Store information – basic contact details for your store, this is required for CAN-SPAM compliance if you want to use any of our workflows.

  • Social links – attach your social links to any of our workflow e-mail templates. When added, the URLs will automatically link to your social profiles.

  • Locale settings – set your country and currency.

  • Google Analytics integration – activate Google Analytics to display key metrics in your store’s dashboard.


  1. Log in to your 3dcart admin area

  2. Navigate to Modules > RestAPI > Change Settings

  3. Click the cogwheel icon on the far right

  4. From the cogwheel drop-down menu, click Delete

  5. Next, go to Content > Header & Footer

  6. Remove the install snippet in the ‘Global Footer’

  7. Save

More Information

Processing Times

  • All new order data is processed in real-time through standard web checkout.

  • Phone or manual orders are processed on 15-minute intervals.

Order Update Times

  • Our systems poll your store’s API at a set interval i.e. every 4, 6, 8 hours, etc. At that time, we filter through each record in our system and look for any order status change.

  • By default, we check for order status changes every 10 hours.

Order Monitoring

  • Before an order status is Shipped, each order status is monitored for 60 days. After an order is Shipped, our systems continue to monitor the order for 30 days.

Bandwidth Usage

Because of the way 3dCart's API is designed, we must poll your store’s API periodically to check for order updates. Although unlikely, this could result in increased bandwidth usage. How much usage is dependent on your store’s order volume.

Valid SSL Required

  • If a store lacks a valid SSL certificate, we are unable to process any order information

  • If an SSL expires on your domain, Cartmojo apps and workflows will not function

  • An SSL can be purchased from the shopping cart provider or any 3rd party SSL vendor

  • Installation of an SSL will need to be facilitated with your shopping cart provider


  • All major currencies are supported

  • All global time zones are supported



  • An order must be placed through the standard web checkout before any phone or manual orders will process.

  • Product option images are not available through the API. Therefore, the default product image will be used in workflow messages.


  • Abandoned cart workflows are currently not supported.

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